Standing for Richmond

August 16, 2021

While serving as your Member of Parliament, Kenny Chiu has been a champion for our community in these troubling times. He has been hard at work fighting for Richmond, for Canada, and for human rights around the world. 


Unfortunately, the Liberals believe that serving their own political interests is more important than helping Canadians in times of need. In his role as the Member of Parliament for Steveston-Richmond East, Kenny focused on working to benefit our community. He must now concentrate on making his personal record known in the face of the Liberals calling an unnecessary election. Many of the decisions Kenny has made have had serious personal consequences, despite encouraging positive benefits for human rights at home and abroad. Even if it means self-sacrifice, Kenny can be counted on to passionately advocate for what is right. 


While serving as vice-chair of the House of Commons’ subcommittee for international human rights, Kenny was sanctioned by the Chinese government for investigating claims of genocide against the Chinese Muslim Uyghur population. Because of these sanctions, Kenny may never be able again visit Hong Kong, where he was born. However, that does not mean Kenny will back down. In fact, Kenny knows in the face of such hostility, he must double-down and fight even harder.  Despite the personal challenges it imposes, Kenny remains committed to valuing justice, and being a voice in government for those who cannot speak for themselves. 


Richmond deserves an advocate who will stand up in the face of pressure and adversity. Kenny Chiu is the only candidate for Steveston-Richmond East who is willing to speak truth to power, fight tirelessly for our community, and defend our Canadian values. He is not afraid of foreign governments, big corporations, or special interest groups. Kenny is counting on your support so he can get back to Ottawa to continue fighting for you, your family, and our community.