Kenny Chiu’s Campaign Kickoff a Success

August 27, 2021


“On Sunday, August 22nd, Conservative incumbent Kenny Chiu hosted an exciting re-election campaign kick-off attended by a multitude of enthusiastic supporters and volunteers.

During the midday heat, Kenny spoke about how Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are neglecting serious issues, including the country’s finances and community safety. He highlighted that Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole’s plan will revitalize the Canadian economy.

Kenny also highlighted his work as Steveston-Richmond East’s Member of Parliament and the Shadow Minister for Diversity, Inclusion and Youth, expressing concerns over the Liberals’ inaction on housing prices and affordability.

With under a month to go until election day on September 20th, he vowed to continue fighting for Richmond, support local infrastructure, and to secure Canada’s future.

The event concluded with dozens of volunteers canvassing around Richmond, meeting with voters and engaging supporters in the community. 

Kenny Chiu is now officially recognized by Elections Canada as the Conservative Party’s candidate, and is the first federal candidate to be confirmed for Steveston-Richmond East.”

史提夫斯頓 列治文東保守黨候選人 Kenny Chiu 趙錦榮連任競選工程如火如荼 啟動儀式取得圓滿成功

現任列治文東保守黨議員Kenny Chiu(趙錦榮),於822日(星期日),在眾多支持者擁簇下,主持了一場激動人心的連任競選啟動儀式。

在正午驕陽下,趙錦榮指出杜魯多自由黨政府如何忽視國家財政狀況和社區安全等重要議題;同時指出新方向,介紹保守黨黨領袖奧圖爾及該黨所制定 的振興經濟計劃。

趙錦榮強調,作為多元化共容及青年部影子部長,對自由黨無視房價飛漲, 年輕一代無力負擔的困境,表示憂慮。




加拿大選舉局已正式確認趙錦榮為保守黨史提夫斯頓丶列治文東(Steveston-RichmondEast) 選區候選人,同時也是首位這選區內正式登記註冊的候選人。